​ At Skin Dynamics we offer a wide range of treatments such as Botox, facial fillers, chemical peels, Latisse eye lash treatment, as well as rosacea and acne treatments.

All of our treatments are performed by our medical staff.

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We also carry several skin care product lines and make up for every skin type. Alumier (order online), ZO Skin Health Care, Glo mineral make-up and Colorescience are market leading brands which can be purchased at Skin Dynamics.

Our experienced staff can help you with your personal skin care plan. 

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Our warm and caring staff take pride in working personally with each of our clients to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on realistic and satisfying results.

Treatments & Products






Cosmetic Botox

This can be used to treat and prevent facial wrinkles.

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Therapeutic Botox

This is an effective treatment for:

  • Chronic MigrainesHyperhidrosis (sweaty armpits) ,TMJ spasm

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Cosmetic Botox

For cosmetic treatments Botox is most effective on wrinkles that haven’t quite set - "dynamic” wrinkles that appear while you’re moving your face, such as when you frown. If you don’t move the muscle too much, you won’t form the wrinkle. 

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Therapeutic Botox

Botox, it has also been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of migraine headaches. This is particularly beneficial for both sufferers and doctors, because there are virtually no side effects, whereas most pain medications have a host of side effects.

Botox is also useful for those with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweat. This is a syndrome that is usually treated with prescription anti-perspirants, the long-term effects of which aren't known and, for those whose hyperhidrosis is especially severe, is only mildly effective. Botox, however, balances the problem and relieves the condition for several months at a time.

This is an effective treatment for:

  • Chronic Migraines

  • Hyperhidrosis (sweat armpits)

  • TMJ spasm

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Injectables Fillers

We use top quality fillers to restore volume loss that last from 6 months to 3 years and naturally restore volume loss, lift and contour the cheeks and fill marionette and peri- oral lines. We also have specialized lip fillers to create volume for a pretty out. I prefer a very soft approach and wont overfill.


Benefits and what to expect:

The results will be so natural everyone will notice, but no one will know.The treatment in our beautiful clinic in Cranbrook can be performed in as little as 15 minutes with minimal down time.

Immediate and long lasting improvement:

  • Minimally invasive and easy to perform

  • Safe and effective

  • Minimal downtime

  • Reversible

  • Available with lidocaine for added patient comfort

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Grow your eye lashes longer, thicker and darker.

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Acne and Rosacea Perfect

Medical Grade Chemical peels/ Facials and Microdermabrasion


We use specialized and customized facial, peels, facial massage and lymphatic drainage and microdermabrasion to create facials for the following indications:


  • Anti - aging

  • Rosacea treatments

  • Skin brightening

  • Pigmentation treatments

  • Acne facials

  • Red carpet glow facials

  • Microdermabrasion

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Laser & Other Services

We have several laser services that we will use to make an individual plan for your needs.

This is a short list of some of the options. Please call or book a consult for more detailed information.





3-in-1 advanced Dermalinfusion technology simultaneously EXFOLIATES, EXTRACTS and INFUSES for radiant and rejuvenated skin.

A treatment like no other, dermalinfusion is the only face and body skin-resurfacing treatment to gently yet effectively exfoliate damaged skin cells and deliver serum infusion to treat a variety of skin concerns, volumizing skin by up to 70%.

Dermalinfusion is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance.

A patented, non-invasive treatment, Dermalinfusion is fully customizable and the perfect solution to address a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions from head-to-toe and is suitable for all skin types and tones.


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation procedure that uses a medical grade scalpel to gently remove dead skin and velds hair, aka peach fuzz. The procedure is safe, painless and leaves you with soft glowing skin. This allows for better penetration of our topical products.


We are frequently asked will the skin grow back darker, thicker or any different than before the treatment? The answer... Absolutely not! Book online here with Sharissa.


Dermaplaning is the perfect add on to any treatment ($60) or a stand alone treatment. 



# Allows for better absorption of serums and products

# Increase cell turnover

# Brightens complexion

# Allows smoother application of make up 

# Unplugs pores from oil and dirt

# exfoliation


The best secret to looking youthful is taking care of your skin. We do this with medical grade skin care and a combination of other collagen induction therapies. We love medical grade microneedling because it is so natural and cost effective and we can get to those hard to reach areas close to the eyes and around the mouth/ lips. It is also perfect for sagging skin around the jaw line. 


What does it do?

Creates micro-channels in the skin that triggers a wound like response to stimulate natural growth factors, collagen and elastin.


What does it treat?

Fine lines, acne scars and overall tightening and improvement of skin's appearance


Is it painful?



How many treatments?

3-4 treatments 4-6 weeks apart



Expect redness immediately after, feels warm and tight 


What device is best?

We DO NOT recommend derma rollers as cause damage to the skin.

We only use MICROPEN ECLIPSE which is both FDA and Health Canada approved 

Platelet Rich Plasma/ PRP therapy

What if we told you that one of the best skin rejuvenation ingredients was within your own body?


PRP Therapy, by AJ Brekke, at Skin Dynamics for skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and collagen induction Initially marketed as the "Vampire Facelift or facial" this uses your own PRP for a natural approach to regenerate collagen and elastin. 

PRP benefits are scientifically backed and proven to work, you may have also noticed a few celebs having treatments too. 


The first step is to draw your blood which we then centrifuge to separate the platelets. The platelets contain growth factors which are substances that stimulate cell growth, proliferation and healing. When applied to certain areas of the face, neck, chest and even the scalp, they stimulate growth and improvement in those areas, leading to health, firm, smooth skin on the face and hair follicle stimulation on the scalp. 


PRP stimulates collagen and elastin production which thickens and tightens thinning skin, effectively smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Because it boosts collagen, it's also a great treatment for improving overall skin texture, scars, pores and tone.


Safe, Autologous 

Minimal down time

They are usually down in a package of 3 every 4-6 weeks.  

Laser Hair Removal

New technology of hair removal is fast and painless with no down time. Safe, clinically validated treatment, that permanently reduces hair growth. Experience visible hair reduction already after the first treatment. We offer treatment for men and women for all areas. Learn more >>>

Which areas are commonly treated?

  • Lower legs, face (chin, upper lip), underarms, bikini, back and arms, abdomen, eye brows.


The cost depends on the size of the area treated.

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Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Resurfacing laser can be used on full face, neck, décolletage, stretch marks and scars to create new healthy tissue and skin resulting in new collagen growth and healthier younger looking skin.


Pigmentation treatment for removing pigment or sun spots including on the face and hands.

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RF Skin Tightening

Tightening is used for face or upper arms to achieve tighter smoother and firmer skin without surgery. Skin tightening can help with:

  • Jaw lines and jowls

  • Laxity

  • Neck

  • Heavy brows

  • Body contours

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Rosacea Laser Therapy

At Skin Dynamics Cranbrook we offer a variety of options for Rosacea treatments including skin care products and facials.

Vascular laser for vascular lesions and spider vein removal. This can help treat facial vessels, rosacea and red spots on both the face and body.

We also have mineral make-up designed for Rosacea cover up.

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Medical Grade Skin Care

After a decade in the industry we have perfected skin care and emphasize the importance of treating your canvas. We use medical grade lines that offer a clean science, meaning no harmful ingredients, but ingredients in therapeutic concentrations. We will specialize routines for you skin concerns and type.



Alumier products are free of parabens, BHA and BHT. Their products are also not tested on animals and are approved by Health Canada with a European based philosophy. AlumierMD products also have the benefit of free home delivery, with no minimum spend, and other perks including rewards dollars that are earned on every purchase.  AlumierMD is proudly a Canadian company so all purchases are made in Canadian dollars.


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We offer virtual consultations with Kristi Eskit. Book online here 

Order online:

Products can be ordered online at http://www.alumiermd.com/Join.  Please contact us for the special access code.Shipping is free Canada wide!

ZO® Skin Health Care (Anti-Aging)

We carry a full range of anti- aging products as well as skin and sun protection by ZO Skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi. ZO Skin Health, Inc. develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulations. By providing comprehensive skincare programs for physicians and their patients, ZO Skin Health, Inc. bridges the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care, allowing patients to experience continuously healthy skin regardless of their age, ethnicity or unique skin condition. Learn more >

Visit us > to purchase this great anti-agin product line.

ZO® Medical Therapeutic Solutions

For over three decades, Dr. Zein Obagi defined the concept of skin health and developed skincare treatments and programs that can create truly healthy skin. Now with the introduction of ZO® Medical products, Dr. Obagi’s next generation of therapeutic skincare products and treatments. 

Products, protocols and treatments exclusively provided by skincare professionals for a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions.

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Colorescience Make-Up And Sunforgettables

Suncare-Skincare-and Colour.


At Skin Dynamics Cranbrook we sell Sunforgettables mineral make- up with sun protection SPF 30-50, Zinc and Titanium for pigment protection. Waterproof and soothing for acne prone or sensitive skin.

Colorescience is the first and only all-in one luxury cosmetic brand for those who do not want to compromise health for lasting beauty.

Premium products with efficacious ingredients fused with the highest quality sun protection available to protect and promote healthy skin.

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Luna Bronze

Sunless tanning meets skin care with this new generation of face and body self tanning line that is:

  • Organic

  • Natural

  • Vegan

  • Gradual

  • Easy to apply with no fussy applications

  • No chemical smells (smells like lemon, mandarin or orange blossoms)

  • Contains essential oils which also treat your skin too

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