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Fall Skin: Brighten and even out skin. Best principles for treating pigmentation!

We have had lots of enquiries about pigmented skin lesions, melasma, freckles and sun damage. This is typical for this time of year. Fall is the perfect time to brighten and even out your skin. We are happy to sit with you and book a consultation on what is best for your skin. Basic principles for treating and preventing pigmentation/ brown spots:

  1. Oil drives pigmentation so washing (AM + PM) your skin well twice a day and exfoliating your skin at least twice a week help control the melanocytes which cause pigment.

  2. Use a broad spectrum mineral 365 days a year SPF . Pigment is driven by all sources of light including your screens (phone, computer, etc).

  3. Use your Retinol at night!

  4. Change up your routine in the fall. To control the melanocytes that cause pigment we need to change our routine in the fall and spring. You can’t have the same routine all year.

  5. Add a skin brightening or lightening agent to your routine. We can help you pick what is best for your skin. Some examples are Hydroquinone, Vitamin C in prescription doses and Brightalive.

  6. Compliment your home care routine or kick start your routine with an in-office medical grade facial or chemical peel designed to treat pigment and brighten your skin.

We are open for product pick-up and purchases on Wednesdays 12-5, during our clinics, or by arrangement.

Call or text: (250) 919 0197

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