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Don’t let winter skin get you down

Cold weather can cause your skin to be dry, red and inflamed but it is possible to keep your complexion happy and completely radiant throughout the winter months. Here are some essential winter skin tips that are sure to keep your complexion luminous all season long.

  1. Exfoliate. Dead skin, dirt and debris can sit on our skin leaving it dry and dull. Exfoliating your skin regularly will ensure that dead skin cells are completely removed to reveal the fresh, soft, supple and glowing skin beneath.

  2. Don’t forget your SPF. Many people think that because it’s cold they don’t need to apply sunscreen, when in fact, UV rays are equally as strong year round AND the snow can actually pack a double punch as it reflects up to 80% of the UV light from the sun. We absolutely love Alumier’s Sheer Hydration SPF30 in the versatile tint. Not only does it go on easy, it has an elegant feel and leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

  3. Retinol. Though winter skin can feel more irritated, it’s important to continue using your retinol and even increasing your usage. The vitamin A will help speed up cellular turnover (which becomes sluggish during the winter months), strengthen your skin, diminish lines/wrinkles and keep it vibrant and healthy.

  4. Increase hydration. During the cooler winter months, we suggest adding on a light moisturizer (nothing too rich) to your routine to help soothe dry, sensitive skin and help it to retain its own hydration. Our favourites are ZO Growth Factor Serum + ZO Hydrating Creme!

  5. Take Bend Beauty Renew + Protect. Feeding your skin from within is commonly overlooked but it actually plays a significant role in your skin’s health. Renew + Protect contains six active and powerful ingredients that go deep to address the root factors of your skin health and produce a broad range of clinically proven skin benefits such as increased elasticity and firmness, hydration, reduced redness and roughness, and protection against UV-induced sunburn. It will soon become a favourite in your skin care routine!

  6. Don’t forget to treat your hands and neck. It’s common to forget about your hands and neck, yet they can highlight signs of aging when not cared for properly. Remember when washing and applying products to your face, to also treat your neck too! For hands, don’t forget to moisturize frequently, apply SPF when you’re outside, and wear gloves when you’re cleaning or washing.

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